ADMote Control Server v 1.4.0 - FYI:

If the browser will inform you that the file is unsecured and it's not recommended to download it, this is nothing to worry about. The file doesn't contain any threats, the browser is providing this information because the ADMote Control Server doesn't have a valid certificate which is usually required for an ".exe" file, so the Windows OS can recognize the publisher. ADMote Control is a project that is growing daily, and we can assure you that we will take care of this situation by adding a certificate to our application in the near future. To summarize, ADMote Control Server can be considered a secure app even though at this moment the certificate required for desktop application was not applied to the project.

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Here are the results from a VirusTotal scan:

ADMote Control Server.rar
ADMote Control Wi-Fi Server.exe
ADMote Control Bluetooth Server.exe

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